THANK YOU!- to all of our LPFFA members


THANK YOU!- to all of our LPFFA members for their extra effort and the sacrifices they have made, including being away from their families over the past many months. Our LPFFA members have worked as much as 100+ hours of overtime during an incredibly busy holiday season to meet minimum Fire Service delivery as a result of daily staffing shortages under the City of London’s current reduced personnel model.

In 2016, many of our LPFFA members worked hundreds of hours of overtime and were paid over and above their regular salary accordingly. The true top pay for a fire fighter is $85,503, with new hires starting at $55,577- not $100,000 as the media often sensationalizes in their reports. We simply ask that the media please report the true values and background associated with our fire fighter’s pay. Under the current Fire Service staffing model as decided upon by the City of London, and with the overtime therefore necessary to minimally staff Fire Trucks, London Fire Fighters are called upon by their employer on a regular basis on their time off to come to work. Our member’s willingness to accept repeated offers of overtime is the only way the City of London is able to continue to provide the excellent Fire Service our community is accustomed to.

The ongoing overtime has resulted in the rise in earnings of fire fighters well above the base salary paid for contracted hours of work. Staffing with over time (instead of hiring the required staff) is now, and will always be a business decision to be made by the Corporation of the City of London.


Thank you



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