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Hi Retired members, we will try to put updates on this page every month. Follow our Facebook page for real time events and information being put out by the association. If anyone would like to post a picture or an update about what a retired member is up to email me directly We have set up this tab on the website as retired members will not be able to create an account and log on to the current members section.

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Here is some information on WSIB Presumptive Cancers in Fire Fighters

Presumptive Cancers in Fire Fighters

WSIB Presumptive Cancers in Fire Fighters


If a firefighter or a fire investigator is diagnosed with a prescribed cancer on or after January 1, 1960, and meets the employment duration and additional criteria for the prescribed cancer, then the disease is presumed to be an occupational disease due to the nature of the worker’s employment, unless the contrary is shown.

To qualify for this presumption, workers must meet the inclusion criteria of this policy, and also must have been:

  • diagnosed with a prescribed cancer

  • diagnosed after the prescribed minimum employment duration, and

  • diagnosed with that cancer on or after January 1, 1960.

Workers not meeting the inclusion criteria, and those excluded from this policy, will have their claims determined on their individual merits.

The presumption may be rebutted if it is established that the employment was not a significant contributing factor to the occurrence of the cancer.

Prescribed Cancer Duration of Firefighting Employment

1. Primary-site brain cancer                          10 years
2. Primary-site bladder cancer                      15 years
3. Primary-site kidney cancer                        20 years
4. Primary-site colorectal cancer                   10 years
5. Primary non-Hodgkins lymphoma             20 years
6. Primary acute myeloid leukemia
Primary chronic lymphocytic leukemia
Primary acute lymphocytic leukemia            15 years
7. Primary-site ureter cancer                        15 years
8. Primary-site esophageal cancer               25 years
9. Primary-site breast cancer (male & female) 10 years
10. Multiple Myeloma                                   15 years
11. Primary-site testicular cancer                 10 years
12. Primary-site prostate cancer                  15 years
13. Primary-site lung cancer                        15 years    

Additional criteria

In addition to the above criteria, for:

  • Primary-site colorectal cancer, a diagnosis must be obtained prior to age 61

  • Primary-site lung cancer, the worker must not have smoked a tobacco product in the 10 years prior to diagnosis

To download this info click the link below

Firefighting Prescribed Cancers

 Presumptive Cancers in Fire Fighters

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