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Most Londoners do not get to meet the members of the London Professional Fire Fighters Association in the course of our duties as we respond to calls assisting the community on some of the worse days of their life. Our association consists of approximately 380 members of front line firefighters and support staff who proudly serve our community responding to a multitude of emergency responses, preventing the loss of life, and the destruction of property and the environment

The LPFFA was established in 1918, with firefighters serving the community with a long and proud history dating back to the origins of the City of London. Modern firefighting is constantly evolving with advancements in technology and the interaction of these modern materials and their design in the products that we use every day. Firefighters have had to evolve to meet these challenges with a high level of education, training and skill.

The one constant that dates back to the origins of firefighting is their involvement in the community volunteering in public safety education and participation in charity initiatives. It is through these volunteering opportunities that we want London to meet and get to know the individuals staffing your local fire hall, visiting your kid’s schools teaching fire safety and providing a highly skilled emergency service that protects the future of our city.

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