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The London Professional Fire Fighters Association are proud to support our members volunteering with GlobalFire & GlobalMedic. Many first responders in our community are part of these groups and deploy worldwide in disaster relief missions and capacity building and teaching deployments to help other counties in need. To date we have had London Firefighters deploy to the Philippines, Nicaragua, Dominica and the Ukraine with more missions coming very soon. This page is setup to assist them with future missions and to highlight the need and humanitarian work being done across the globe.



Who is GlobalFire?

GlobalFire is a charity that allows anyone to help Firefighters and Paramedics in the developing world. You do not need to be a Firefighter to volunteer with GlobalFire. GlobalFire Website

GlobalFire started as an operational arm of the David McAntony Gibson Foundation (DMGF), a registered Canadian charity.  DMGF also has GlobalMedic and GlobalWater as operational arms.

DMGF was created in the spring of 1998 in honour of David McAntony Gibson, who tragically lost his life on February 7, 1998.

A remarkable man who believed in taking the time to help those around him both near and far, Mr. Gibson will be remembered by his friends, family and peers as caring, compassionate and dedicated. In keeping with David’s spirit, DMGF is designed to help those in need around the world by providing relief supplies and equipment, and has adopted “Serving the Global Community” as its motto.

DMGF launches programs designed to strengthen the delivery of emergency services in the Third World. These objectives are achieved through the procurement of equipment, medicine, and supplies, as well as funding the delivery of training packages. All forms of aid are provided to the recipient free of charge.


DSC_1009CIBMJN0WoAACnspDMGF’s initial operational arm, GlobalMedic, has conducted emergency aid missions and training operations around the globe.  The experience gained by GlobalMedic has identified a need to: conduct search and rescue; and assist local fire services both before and after an emergency incident.



GlobalFire was created, and is organized and equipped to undertake the following tasks:

  1.  Perform technical searches and conduct technical rescues in post natural or man-made disaster environments worldwide.
  2.  Collect and donate fire suppression equipment and train local first responders or an organized group of volunteers in fire fighting and first aid in developing nations.
  3.  Inspect locations and install simple fire fighting systems in population dense areas that lack basic fire protection (such as camps that house refugees and internally displaced persons) and train local volunteers on the use of these systems.


On June 1, 2014, GlobalFire received registered charitable status and is now a standalone agency.



Our mission is simple.

We seek to empower people and assist emergency first responders in the global communities we serve.

GlobalFire conducts emergency search and rescue operations to assist those affected by natural disasters and complex emergencies. We empower the emergency response capacity of organizations and communities in the developing world by providing technological equipment and training. GlobalFire strives to deliver the maximum amount of aid with the minimum operating cost.

GlobalFire delivers basic firefighting and pre-hospital emergency medical care training packages. The training is delivered to members of volunteer and professional firefighting organizations in developing countries, in order to enhance fire protection and emergency medical services in the local community.

We seek to increase the independence of communities in the developing world, while ultimately improving the efficiency of international disaster relief.


GlobalFire Motto

“Eripio Praemunitio Praestructio”

What does “Eripio Praemunitio Praestructio” mean?  As GlobalFire is an organization that operates worldwide and in different capacities, the Latin motto is a reminder of the three types of operations undertaken by the charity.  Those operations can be broadly classified as: Rescue (Eripio), Protection (Praemunitio) and Training (Praestructio).

“Rescue” operations are performed by qualified GlobalFire volunteers who search for, locate and extricate victims of natural or man-made disasters in support of local emergency services around the world.

“Protection” operations are undertaken by GlobalFire in nations throughout the developing world.  Fire suppression equipment, medical supplies and training are freely provided in population dense areas with little or no fire and emergency medical capabilities to improve the level of protection for the local community.

“Training” operations often take place in conjunction with “Protection” operations.  GlobalFire volunteers who are qualified to teach Firefighters and Paramedics in Canada are used to instruct an organized group of community volunteers or local emergency services workers around the world in the latest methods to safely perform fire fighting, rescue and pre-hospital medical care.

If you would like to learn more about GlobalFire or assist the London Team with future deployments place contact us.






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