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LPFFA 100th Anniversary 1918-2018

November 22nd 2018, the London Professional Fire Fighters Association will turn 100 years old as an Association formed with the International Association of Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 142.

The strength and foundation of any group is built by the hard work and courage of the many great men and women who have served our community and continue to do so today. We cherish our past and are committed to our future.

Thank you London. Read more →

New Fire Chief, Lori Hamer

The London Professional Fire Fighters Association has spent the last several months in patient anticipation of who London City Council will officially appoint as the agent of change to lead our Fire Department into the future.

We are now happy to know Chief Lori Hamer has been offered and accepted this challenge.

We would like to extend our thanks to Chief Hamer for working cooperatively with this Association through the transition in her role as the acting Fire Chief, demonstrating her resolve to move forward with us toward a more positive workplace with a shared commitment to bringing our best Fire Service to this community.

Congratulations to the City of London’s new Fire Chief, Lori Hamer. We look forward to her continued support, success and strong leadership. Read more →

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