Author: Jeff Brewster

To endorse or not

To endorse or not and what goes into the decision; Recently, as a result of member action at our Association meeting, we took the next step on the well-travelled road of political and community engagement. Like so many other Association’s in Ontario we have been actively involved in the OPFFA campaign to get out there and support those who support… Read more →

Stubborn rain breaks for firefighters’ 9/11 memorial in London

The sun came out just long enough to cast the shadows of the firefighters nearest the front across the granite monument outside London Memorial Fire Station (Hall No. 1) on Horton Street. Thursday’s Sept. 11 memorial put on by the London Professional Firefighters Association was well attended in spite of the spitting rain that persisted after Wednesday night’s deluge, the… Read more →

Thank you…

Attention LPFFA members who attended the Stroud Crescent house fire on Sunday, March 23, 2014, we were asked to share this thank you note with you. A special note of thanks to the author and her fiancé for ensuring the safety of the family and making that ever important 9-1-1 call to get emergency responders on route. Dear London Firefighters,… Read more →

The LPFFA Comments on the “Sunshine List”

The Ontario Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act, or better known as the “Sunshine List”, was enacted in 1996 with the intent of comparing “the performance of an organization with the compensation given to the people running it”.  The compensation threshold for reporting purposes that was established in 1996 was and remains $100,000.  A major factor regarding the increased number of… Read more →

Interest Arbitration

London Firefighters are currently working under a Collective Agreement that expired on December 31, 2010.  As a result of an inability to freely negotiate a new working agreement, the London Professional Firefighters Association and the City of London are involved in an ongoing and costly Interest Arbitration to settle the unresolved issues. Since firefighters in the Province of Ontario are… Read more →

The Sustainability and Value of the London Fire Service

There has been a lot of discussion amongst the mayor and some members of council lately claiming that the current cost of the fire service in London is “unsustainable”.  We challenge that assertion as nothing more than political rhetoric and ignorance.  Currently, the cost for professional fire service in the City of London is less than $0.80/day on the average… Read more →

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